Monday, October 23, 2023

Tej is the 4th strongest cyclone in the Arabian Sea during the post-monsoon season

With a windspeed of 110 knots, CycloneTej is jointly the 4th strongest post-monsoon season cyclone in the Arabian Sea for the period 1982-2023.

Top 5 strongest cyclones in this season:

1. Kyarr: 135 knots

2. Chapala: 130 knots

3. Nilofar: 115 knots

4. Megh & Tej: 110 knots

Data: JTWC

This cyclone intensified from 55 knots (Tropical storm) to 105 knots (Category 3) in just 12 hours. This is jointly the most intense 12hrs rapid intensification by an Arabian Sea post-monsoon season cyclone. Data: JTWC

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