Monday, October 23, 2023

Tej away..Hamoon in...and Mumbai AQI Details

23rd October..Afternoon:

Cyclone "Tej" had never posed any threat to Indian coasts. Now, however, Oman and Yemen to be alert.
System BB-11 in Bay, which we have been informing since 18th October, is now a deep depression.
Set and preparing to enter into the "Cyclone" phase. Which would be named "Hamoon".
Would track North/Northeast and cross into Bangladesh Coast by 25th. Maybe as a weak cyclone.
Dry weather for Maharashtra this week 23rd - 28th.

Mumbai Current AQI...23rd Afternoon

* 23rd/25th; Initially warm and humid , with around 35c in the day. The smoggy atmosphere may decrease to improve the AQI to around 100-125.
* 26th/27th: Improvement in the hazy conditions, as the humidity drops, and dry East winds dominate. Days around 33/34c, but nights feeling around 23/24c.

Comparison of Mumbai with Delhi flooding the social,
Current Delhi AQI..23rd Afternoon

Pune :
*Almost clear weather .Warm during the day at 33c. 
*Nights getting better later in the week, at around 17/18c.

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