Sunday, October 01, 2023



     This monsoon had an August that saw a rainfall deficit of 36%!! A good September that gave us 13% above normal rainfall made up the August deficit somewhat but we still ended this monsoon with one of the 30 lowest monsoon rainfall since 1901. As seen in the figure below the red line shows the present monsoon status and where it lies on the monsoon distribution curve since 1901. A total of 27 years have seen lower monsoon rainfall than 2023 since 1901. 1972 with 697.4 mm saw the lowest monsoon rainfall in this period. 

In this century 2018 (802.7 mm), 2015 (765.8 mm), 2014 (781.7 mm), 2009 (698.2 mm), 2004 (774.2 mm), 2002 (737.3 mm) were years with monsoon rainfall lower than 2023. 

X-axis represents years with monsoon rainfall starting from lowest of 697.4mm in 1972 (extreme left) to 1124.2 mm in 1917 (extreme right).

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