Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Mumbai Smog...conditions due to " Air Inversion"

This is when a layer of cooler air is trapped near the ground by a layer of warm air above the surface. When the air cannot rise, pollution accumulates near the ground, leading to higher pollutant concentrations

The warm air above cooler air acts like a lid, suppressing vertical mixing and trapping the cooler air at the surface. As pollutants from vehicles, fireplaces, and industry are emitted into the air, the inversion traps these pollutants near the ground, leading to poor air quality.


Posted 17th Afternoon:

The low in the Arabian Sea is now strengthening.

Expected to deepen and gain ( probably) near cyclonic strength. 

No threat to West Indian Coast.

Track will be Northwest wards towards Oman.

Another formation in the Bay is showing  formation in a few days ( from 17th)...and may also strengthen to head towards Bangladesh/ Myanmar coast. 

The South West Monsoon will in all likelihood withdraw from the country by around 23rd-25th October.

Simultaneously North East Monsoon can set in around 23rd-25th.


Narayanan said...

Models are predicting delay in nem onset due to bay system. Are you foreseeing any change in onset dates from oct 23rd to 25th?


Rajesh said...

No...I think it will around forecasted date...see new post