Sunday, October 08, 2023

 Dr. Vineet's Page Updated

8th October Evening..

Mumbai: With the Monsoon over...Expect slightly less humid  conditions. Humidity around 75% and some cloudiness will still create a real feel temperatures of 38c.

Air Quality 👇

Where is Mumbai in World Ranking (Air Quality) ?

Pune: Some clouding, higher altitude, will result in a day temperature of 33c. But as we have some moisture around, nights expected around 19c.

Air Quality getting bad gradually in Pune..👇

Delhi for Comparison.👇

AQI here not as bad as Eastern U.S.😑


The South West Monsoon withdrawal process continues South of Maharashtra...850 Chart 👇

But next 3/4 days, Coastal Karnataka and Kerala can expect some increase in rainfall activity.

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