Sunday, July 23, 2023

Outlook for week 24th to 27th Thursday:

As the Monsoon trough starts moving towards North, extreme heavy rains will decrease from Gujarat, Konkan and Maharashtra Ghat Stations. 

Mumbai : Much of the week will see normal monsoon showers. Occasional heavy. No excessive rainfall threat.

Pune: Light showers in parts of Pune.  Next week around 70-10 mms of rain daily. Days around 26°c.

South Madhya Maharashtra ( Satara, Sangli,Kolhapur), South Konkan and Goa will see increasing heavy rains on 26th .

Marathwada, Vidarbha: Normal moderate rainfall, monsoonal rains.

Sambhajinagar around 10 mms daily with uniform distribution.

Definitely decreasing rainfall in Gujarat from 25th...and scarce rain in Kutch. 

As the trough moves North. Low pressure BB 5 tracks along the trough from 27th...Resulting in Heavy rains with extreme falls possible in Punjab,  Haryana,Delhi, West U.P, and Uttarakhand.


Pankaj said...

Rajsh ji , what is the farthest boundary line of monsoon in direction of Northwest along side of Oman/Pakistan/Iran/Afghanistan/Tajikistan ?

Deepak said...

Sir how will be the August month rain for Mumbai

Rajesh said...

Pankaj: our SWM winds in season are dominated by the monsoon trough position. Hence, the winds from Bay north of the trough can penetrative till North Pakistan.
The Arabian Sea branch can only give monsoon rains in Sindh and central Pakistan.
Arabian sea branch cyclones can go upto Oman. Sometimes Salalah coast in Oman gets monsoon showers.

Rajesh said...

Deepak: I expect Mumbai to get less rain than the normal August quota.

Rajesh said...

Deepak..El Nino will influence to some extent in late August.

Deepak said...

Ok Rajesh sir but will be there any heavy rain for Mumbai in month of aug sept any system over Bob aur Arabian sea

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