Monday, July 31, 2023

Top 5 heaviest rainfall stations from Maharashtra state since 1st June 2023 till 31st July 2023:

1. Patgaon: 5000mm

2. Amboli: 4860mm

3. Tamhini: 4578mm 

4. Davdi: 4344

5. Matheran: 4153mm

Mahabaleshwar: Seasonal total 3855 mms( fyi).


Mumbai Rainfall this year:

Monsoon though arrived a bit late, progressed  very well in Mumbai during both June and July, with 2319 mm of rain ( Scruz).

Rains totaled 549.1 mm  ( Scruz) in June, exceeding the monthly average. 

The annual rainfall in Mumbai is 2502 mm, and it has already received 2319 mm in June and July. Before the season ends, the city will exceed both the annual and seasonal

Seasonal totals 

Santacruz: 2319 mms. ..Full season normal till Monsoon end 2502 mms. Thus 92% of Seasonal rain received.

July rain this year.. 1768 mms. July normal 920 mms mms. Thus 191% of monthly average. 

Colaba: 1757 mms ...Full season normal till Monsoon end 2180 mms. Thus 80 % of seasonal rainfall received. 

Colaba  July this year..1333 mms. July normal 711mms. Thus 187% of monthly average. 


In a lighter vien: Only July rain in Scruz and the 2 month rain in Colaba is the same !


Mahabaleshwar: Seasonal total 3855 mms

July total :3105 mm

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