Saturday, July 15, 2023

Delhi rain this monsoon

Delhi Safdarjung this season so far got 411.3mm rain (1 June - 15 July); out of this, a whopping 75% rain has fallen in just 3 days. This is in agreement with the recent monsoon pattern for north India which shows that the bulk of the monsoon rain is now occurring in a short time.

Delhi Safdarjung got 309.6mm rain in July so far. This is the third-highest July rain in Delhi since 2009 with still 16 days left for July.

Top3 wettest July in Delhi since 2009:

1. July 2021: 507.1mm

2. July 2013: 340.5mm

3. July 2023: 309.6mm (till 15 July)

The attached graph shows the daily rainfall variation in Delhi Safdarjung for this season till date. Data: IMD

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