Monday, June 12, 2023

 Latest on "Biparjoy" as on 12th Evening.

Very Severe Cyclonic storm, Biparjoy" , lost some steam to a small extent, as its winds are now surpassed the peak and slightly less at 145-155 Kmph. Cat.2. Was anticipated yesterday after touching about 20N. 

As dry air entry is increasing, the overall convection cover is reducing. A band of convection still covering the circulation, the JTWC terms the core as a "Quasi Eye".

With the ridges alongside, expected track..heading towards the North Kutch/International border region.

Alert: Very heavy rainfall and squally winds in Kutch, Western Saurashtra from 14th. Rains commence into North Gujarat and South Rajasthan from 16th.

Karachi & Southern Sindh will get heavy showers and rain from 14th to 15th, with squally winds. 

Monsoon advance beyond South Konkan may be halted for a few days, as the Cyclone moves inland and disturbs the gradient along the West Coast.


*Next 3/4 days will get light to medium Pre Monsoon showers. Squall winds around 30 Kmph. 

*A slight reduction in rains after Wednesday 14th. No major increase in rainfall this week.

*A distinct absence of the usual thunderstorms is noticed. This is as "multi Layer" clouds are not seen. But  thunder activity will soon  resume.

*Days will be a shade better at around 33/34c, but humid. Real feel will be high (38c). Nights around 27c will be warmish.

*Wait for proper Monsoon is frustrating !😖

Pune: With warm days around 35c, will be almost dry, with few localised scattered rain patches.

Goa: Monsoon looses steam after Wednesday 14th...with little rains as the pull of the system reduces.

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