Wednesday, June 21, 2023

21st June..Morning:

SW surface wind flows are weak. Typical weak monsoon currents.

Also Depression, ( remnant of cyclone) crashing onto Himalayan ranges is normally a "break monsoon " phenomena.

But since monsoon yet to set on above Goa/S. Konkan, Vagaries terms it as a weak Current.

Not normally occurring in June.

Vagaries estimates this situation will change by the 24th, when the depression near the Himalayas fizzles out. 

Monsoon currents will gain strength after 24th,  and will advance over into North Konkan,  including Mumbai/Pune by 25th.

Interesting point: 25th June is the record date for the most delayed monsoon arrival for Mumbai by IMD in 1959 & 2019. However,  Vagaries had observed 27th June as Monsoon arrival in Mumbai for 2019. 

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