Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Author's View:

Monsoon moves into Delhi.. 13th July. 

Lot of debates attacking the IMD for not getting the North and NW India forecast correct.. This year. 

All praise to IMD for correct forecast track of Cyclones, Depressions and severe weather. Then why the flak now  ? 

IMD is our National Agency.. and in charge of the total Region ! 

Today, can anyone predict anything, in any field? Doctors will give us a remedy, medicine. But if we ask the doctor, tell me how much fever will I have tomorrow at 12 o clock.. Can he tell us Exactly? 

Nothing can be projected/predicted in finance, medical field or even an uncontrollable thing like a pandemic. 

Monsoon is not in our control. Yes, there are computers, satellites and radars. But that observes/calculates, not manage. 

Come on.. 

We are Meteorologists, not Magicians

 "Monsoon 2021 expected to move into Delhi by 11th July. Thunder Showers expected from 9th .

The Most delayed Monsoon was in 1987...July 26th."

This was our last forecast for Delhi on 7th July, no doubt after a couple of times not getting it right


Pavan said...

Good, one has to accept that there is something which is beyond our control. Humans can patent anything and everything but not nature. Just be an optimist and love the weather as it is..

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Agreed sir that weather forecast is unpredictable as forecast in medicine finance etc. But your forecast is almost correct on many occasions and when IMD predicts ,its other way.
We believe your prediction. Great service to society without expectations. Thanks lot. Will always follow this blog.

Ron said...

Couldn't have said it any better..On many occasions, they have got it spot on when other international agencies have struggled.

Momin Photographics Udupi said...

Sir, absolutely spot on.
Scientists, metereologists and doctors are humans. They can predict but only god knows 100% correct about future.
But prediction is necessary for proper planning.


Rawat said...

In weather forecast always 100% correct prediction is not Possible. But people in north were angry with because of their unprofessional ways.On 13 june Imd declare monsoon will cover Delhi and other parts by 15 june while there was clear indication of westerly wind dominating. Then several time imd forecasted no heat waves but it was till 2nd week of july.For Delhi they were moving dates by 24 hrs every day .Another thing when it rained in jaipur imd NLM didn't cover it but as soon Delhi got rains Imd declared entire country covered by monsoon while some part of west Haryana and NW Raj were yet to cover.

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