Friday, July 16, 2021

 Posted 16th

Good overnight rains in North/Central Mumbai...

Rainfall activities of frequently heavy showers continue in Mumbai as discussed in the previous post. 

Elongated UAC off Mumbai coast causing heavy rain for city and suburbs. But as westerlies not strong till ~4 km altitude, so cloud bands restricted to coastal areas


sset said...

when will konkan rains stop ?
seems in next 1-2 spells - Mumbai will cross 2000mm and we are in mid july !

Rohit said...

Sir any chance of rains in Pune? It's seems forever that Pune hasn't seen any meaningful rains.

Unknown said...

Hope Mumbai gets much more rain in the coming weeks. The lake levels are quite low and needs to fill up fast now to avert a crisis.

Any updates for North Gujarat?


Hiten Patel said...

Sir, I m from surendranagar city of saurashtra Gujarat
We have only 15 mm rain in this monsoon
Much needed now
Anny possibility in next fee days?

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