Thursday, July 22, 2021

Posted 22nd Morning

Source rtsfros

For Mumbai S'cruz...2021 now breaks the record for the fastest 2000 mm mark . Achieved on 22nd July 2021 in 52 days ! Total today 2001 mms !

The  record for the fastest 2000 mms at Santa Cruz was in 1965, when it touched 2000 mms on 30th July, in 60 days. Followed by 2005 when the total was surpassed on 31st July, in 61 days. July End Totals..Scruz 1965 ;2038 mms, 2005 :2019 mms..

Colaba, just for the records, has crossed 2000 mms by July 3 times. In 1886, 1907 and 1991. But, we are still way behind for this station to cross 2000 mms by July end.

(As per Vagaries Records)

Crazy Rains in Maharashtra Ghats... Vagaries spot on forecast under estimated

Satara and Pune district Ghats rain ending 8:30am on 22/07/2021 (in mm):-



3.Mahabaleshwar:480...24 hrs record is 491 mms in 2008..  11th Aug.






9.Koyna nagar:341









18.Khireshwar(near Malshej, Junnar tal):273

19.Nira Deoghar Dam:261

20.Temghar Dam:241




24.Dhom Balkawadi Dam:225



Paresh said...

These are crazy figures!

Rajesh is there no way e'en someone like IMD (through local monitoring stations) be able to tell at least some hours before?

Rajesh said...

Paresh: Some hours before meaning/ Not able to understand your query.

sset said...

Sure climate change.
Soon Maharashtra will be world heaviest rain spot - overtake cherrapunji

Entire coastal Karnataka, Kerala dry (KER scary no proper rain since - gateway for monsoon) !

sset said...

Definitely excess Maharashtra extreme rains will lead to droughts over Karnataka and Kerala. TN still mercy of NEM

Paresh said...

Sorry Rajesh, what I meant was that there was no warning for this amount of rains in these regions (the Western Ghat, for example). Heavy rains - but to this extent?

So my query is that can't such areas be warned a few hours prior to the actual event taking place.

I understand giving (forecast) for a smaller geography vis-à-vis a larger geography isn't as easy. But still...

I hope I have been clearer this time.

ruSh.Me said...

Please do share source of information.

Rajesh said...

Paresh:you are correct. Difficult to get the exact rain amount. Even though vagaries had put up about heavy rains on 21st for 2 days, the figure was under estimated.

Rajesh said...

Source is mentioned below map.rtsfros

Pankaj said...

Rajeshji, does the Scruz rain figure include pre June rainfall?

Rajesh said...

Pankaj... 52 days means from 1st June.. Monsoon only.

sset said...

If Maharashtra does not encounter good sun with no rains, many people will fall sick due to non stop torrential extreme rains since May. At least Mumbai needs big break with sunshine

Pankaj said...

Rajesh Sir, what I mean is if rain is counted from 1st June ,that is date before official monsoon arrival which includes pre-monsoon rain than why don't we count rain of May-21 which technically a part of pre monsoon activities. I tried to find out Mumbai May-21 figure from the blog , but could not get, may be I missed to find. But if we count May-21 figure how much total rainfall till now in Mumbai Scruz?

sset said...

Maharashtra become Cherrapunji !
Seems many places in madhya maharashtra may also receive 1000mm in 24 hrs !
Extreme red alert !

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