Monday, August 12, 2019

Posted 12th Monday evening :

BB 8 has formed off the Odisha Coast. It is expected to track W/NW initially till Wednesday over M. P. Then may track N/NW towards Delhi.

On Tuesday, heavy rains are expected in Chattisgarh and Vidharbh.
Heavy falls in Nagpur.
On Wednesday rains will be heavy in parts of Vidharbh and M. P.
Konkan will also be heavy.

Thursday Delhi can see heavy rains.

Mumbai: Rainfall intensity to increase from Tuesday night. Rains frequent and heavy on Wednesday, a rainy day.

Friday sudden decrease in rains.
Lonavla and Mahableshwar will get heavy showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Pune will see some Increase in rains on Tuesday evening and Wednesday.. Low thereafter.

Karachi rains on Saturday night to Sunday evening
Malir Karachi: 236mm
DHA Phase 2: 224mm
Surjani Town: 200.6mm
Gulistan e Johar: 156mm
Gulshan e Hadeed: 202mm
PAF Faisal Base: 192mm
Old Airport: 159.5mm
Jinnah Terminal: 153mm
PAF Masroor: 173mm
Bahria Town: 187.7mm
FB area: 180mm
Nazimabad: 158mm
Saddar: 157mm
DHA Phase 6: 165mm
Landhi: 143mm
North Nazimabad: 158mm
Paposh: 148mm
Kemari: 137mm
University Road: 138mm

North Karachi: 118mm
From Muhammad Zohair


Cumulus arjun said...

Sir what about Thursday Independence Day and raksha bandana is there that day. Weather for that day in Mumbai?

Cumulus arjun said...

These rains in Mumbai are due to system in bob?! If it is true then it would be hit and miss as bob systems are unreliable for Mumbai and north Konkan.

shiekhz said...

Thanks Rajesh sir for timely update abt system, superb work as usual

Cumulus arjun said...

Can Marathwada reduce its deficit to like say -10% by the end of the monsoon and can mumbai wate supply reservoirs fill up to 100% by end of this monsoon? Last year by end of monsoon water supply 91% still there was water problem before monsoon this year.

Cumulus arjun said...

Sir how is North east monsoon looking for TN?

Deepak said...

Will there be heavy rain mumbai Rajesh sir kindly confirm

shiekhz said...

Sir another spell for karachi again during 15,16 aug?

Deepak said...

Rajesh sir will it be going to rain this time kindly confirm the track

Deepak said...

Till now there is no rain in Mumbai any reason Rajesh bhai

Deepak said...

Not much rain in mumbai sir what about ur predction 2nd time it was wrong

Aks said...

BOB systems hit n miss with Mumbai continues. No rain today at all. just showers. Also, offshore trough truncated from Karnataka to Kerala only. Looks like we are entering break-monsoon period. Hopefully, break monsoon will not last long and we see rains making comeback asap.

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