Sunday, August 04, 2019

Massive rains in the Ghats of Maharashtra


kaushik nayak said...

Mumbai and surrounding areas have disproportionately higher amounts (+30% above normal) of rains while the entire country is facing deficit rainfall.This has been the case for the past few years now. It's time to study the impact of climate change and why it's happening rather than taking pride in massive rainfall figures, which won't help the country in any way.

sset said...

Exactly myself was also trying to convey since last 3 years. If we see 5 years pattern only konkan-Maharashtra dominates SWM along with at times central India,GUJ,RAJ. Hot spot has now shifted from south Konkan to North Konkan for UAC,Vortex. SWM stays rooted till OCT. Then WDs arrive promptly. All this is not allowing NEM to set or take systems to NE states.
Today entire SE India is worse than Thar desert. Rajasthan is no longer desert. Even coastal KAR, KER rains have become scanty and erratic due to which Cauvery is in deep trouble. Also we Bay lows forming too north and travel more left.
Way it it raining 400mm,500mm that too widespread multiple days - this is become regular rain for MAHA ghat areas and Konkan.