Friday, March 04, 2016

Posted Saturday Night:
As expected (yesterday's Post) from M-1, on Saturday Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North Rajasthan, Western U.P. and some parts in North M.P. received showers...
Delhi received showers on Saturday, with Noida getting fairly heavy showers. S'Jung recorded 2 mms till 8.30 pm. 
 Hissar in Haryana measured 14 mms and Ambala 3 mms. In North Rajasthan,  Churu 11 mms and Bikaner 3 mms.
In Punjab, several towns received showers.
Reports of good rains in Barielly have also come in from readers.

Places in Pak Punjab and some places in Upper Sindh got showers on Saturday.

Posted Friday Night:
Mumbai sees the end of the short lived rain spell.

Saturday 5th: 
Rainfall moves East into Vidharbh.
Western Disturbance M-1 brings rainfall to Pak Punjab, Upper Sindh in Pakistan.
Across in India, Rainfall will occur in North Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, West U.P, H.P and some parts of Kashmir.

Sunday 6th: Rainfall from W.D. in Pak Punjab and Indian Punjab. Also a shower possible in Delhi. Uttarakhand gets the rains on Sunday. Rains increase in Vidharbh and South Chattisgarh.
M-1 effect decreases on Monday 7th.

Look out for the next WD...M-2...The current situation shows M-2 approaching Pakistan on 10th, covering almost entire Pakistan. What's more, as the scene is today, by the 11th, M-2 will cover Pakistan and NW India , maybe Gujarat also...That's the scene today. Will keep the developments posted.

around Mumbai on Friday 8.30 am-5.30 pm...SCruz 10 mms, Alibag 9 mms, Badlapur (Abhijit) 7mms, Thane 5 mms, Karjat 3mms and Murud 1 mm.

Ratnagiri shot up to 38.2c on Friday...Hottest in State.

( True to our Estimate of 29th Monday) Showers reported around Mumbai...Reports of Thunder Showers from Virar, Vasai, Palghar, Mira Road and Thane in the North . Badlapur, Panvel and Dombivali in the East and from Andheri, Santa Cruz, Borivali and Kanjur Marg in Mumbai....Thane had 3 mms till 11.30 am Friday, Badlapur 5 mms. 
Traces in South Mumbai at Vagaries.

Mumbai rains decrease from Friday evening, and skies becoming clear.
The rain region moves eastwards towards Marathwada on Friday.Good rains again on Friday for Marathwada.
The trough from Western Disturbance M-1, will inter act and bring rains to Vidharbh and adjoining East M.P/ Chattisgarh. on Saturday and Sunday.

Aurangabad recorded 41 mms in 24 hrs ended 8.30 am Friday. After talking to the people in the farms, learnt that the Phulambri, Vadod Bazar and Sillod region had around 15 mms. Happy to note that they had taken due precautions and shifted their crops, which were cut and lying outside, to covered sheds.
Nasik had 8 mms and Yeotmal 20 mms  till Friday morning.

Rain continues in Maharashtra for 5th day, ending 8.30 am on 05.03.2016

A trough in lower level easterlies extends from Comorin area to south interior Karnataka.

in mm (min 10 mm)

Mul - 50
Nivale - 37
Chikhali - 36
Atpadi - 28
Masal - 24
Jambhur - 22
Deolapar - 20
Supane - 19
Barwha - 18
Nagbhir - 17
Malkapur - 14
Kavathe Mahakal - 15
Karad - 13
Kokrud - 13
Chandrapur - 12
Ambawade - 11
Dingore - 11
Walwan Ghat - 10
Chichal - 10
Saidapur - 10
Adyal - 10
Alandi - 10
Kagal - 10
Beedkin - 10
Kasarshirsi - 10
Kondha - 10
Rajur - 10
Jat - 10
Diksal - 10
Bhimashankar - 10
Asane - 10
Vita - 10
Kalmodi - 10
Mumbai Santacruz - 10
Alibaug - 10
Sangli - 10
Madh - 10

4th day of rains in Maharashtra ending 8.30 am on 04.03.2016

A trough of in the lower levels runs from southeast Arabian sea to Konkan coast and extends upto 0.9 km above mean sea level.

in mm (min 10 mm)

Aurangabad AP - 41
Makhmalabad - 36
Bhendala - 31
Shendurwada - 27
Yeotmal - 20
Kalamb - 19
Selu - 17
Tryambakeshwar - 16
Kasa - 15
Dhoksal - 15
Chapal - 14
Chikalthan - 14
Mokhada - 13
Partur - 13
Igatpuri - 13
Mokhada - 13
Madh - 13
Vikramgad - 11
Saiwan - 11
Khapa - 11
Marali - 11
Hingani - 11
Dindori - 11
Babulgaon - 10
Ghoti - 10
Taket - 10
Beedkin - 10
Chittepimpalgaon - 10
Sirsam - 10
Jawhar - 10
Turkabad - 10
Waluj - 10
Ozar - 10


Unknown said...

Rajesh sor ,north konkan which includes pen,nagothane and roha also mahad didnt recieve any rains neither on wed ,thur,nor today till afternoon.whats your reply?

Rajesh said...

abizer: The rains (other than South Gujrat belt from Vapi to Bharuch) in North Konkan was in the belt North of Mumbai, in fact North of "North Mumbai". South Mumbai got traces only, while Scruz and regions around in Mumbai got showers.
The East of Mumbai region also got showers. Panvel and Badlapur and Dombivali.
Very difficult to pin point exact regions in off season. So, overall area must be mentioned in forecast.
Towards your side, the thunder cell was not developing, though Panvel got some rains.
Your "pocket" got avoided...
Then again, in the interior, Pune and around got showers.


So again the heat n sweat in air started to feel in mira meaning of such rain

Unknown said...

Sir,thunder cells developed today evening at 4:25pm with loud peals of thunder with some scarce rains anywhere between1-4mm only.light rain continued till 6pm.your forecast is correct but to predict is even difficult.thanks for your reply.

Abhijit Modak said...

Some rainfall till 5.30pm today around Mumbai :

Scruz 10mm
Alibaug 9mm
Badlapur private reading 7mm
Thane 5mm
Karjat 3mm
Murud 1mm

On other hand samw Maharashtra coast was hot also today

Ratnagiri max 38.2c which is highest in state today
In AWS reading Murud saw max of 40c
Alibaug 35c

NilaY Wankawala said...

It's the happiest moment to note farmers took due precautions based on ur forecasting...I think practical action taken based on forecasting to minimise the losses is the true essence of a successful forecasting. ..sir keep it up helping farmers ....

Rajesh said...

Nilay: Yes, i had it published in Lokmat (Aurangabad) on Sunday. Also am in touch with the farmers of Aurangabad district region on phone. Feel it is good if we can be of some help. Our vagaries report goes via Poteyji to Akola farmers also.

vikas hunk gay said...

will there be any rain in Indore and Ujjain

Zohair said...

So hope for karachi :)


Sir you have not put next few days forecast for Mumbai weather waiting for that

sset said...

Lucky Maharashtra "Mango showers" - already fruits on trees!!

NilaY Wankawala said...

Great work words am getting to appreciate your invaluable services...

Rajesh said...

Khyati. ..Mumbai Forecast given in one line. End of wet spell


But what about the temperatures in mumbai shoring up high or would it be cool in Mumbai

Zohair said...

Sir GFS showing strong dust/wind storm over karachi on 8th, european models also showing some rain for karachi from 7th/8th

Zohair said...

need ur attention for coastal sindh sir :)

Unknown said...

Extraordinary systems approaching north india and whole of pakistan next week.

Posted 27th January  The first  Low (BB 1) from the Bay..forming today. The simultaneous W.D. will prevail in the Northern Regions. So, BB ...