Friday, March 18, 2016

Posted Saturday 8 pm IST
Lone Thunder shower strikes Eden Garden "vicinity"...unfortunately for the match, it was heavy around stadium areas...while Alipore recorded only 5 mms.
Position clear as on 7.40 pm IST....

T20 Cricket World Cup Matches and Weather Forecast...Saturday and Sunday

Saturday 19th March...India v/s Pakistan...Kolkata..
Partly cloudy in a hot day, with the afternoon temperature rising to around 36c. But the evening match will conditions will remain hot and humid by match time.Though there may be light rain around in the vicinity in the evening... No chances of rain disturbance.

Sunday 20th March....
1)South Africa v/s Afghanistan...Mumbai
Sunny skies, as it is an afternoon match..Hot and humid conditions.

2) Sri Lanka v/s West Indies....Bangalore
Warm day for bangalore at 35c. But evening some clouds may appear. Moderate East winds, Getting a bit stuffy, but no rain disturbance.

Srinagar recorded 16 mms of rains in the day on Friday, with the day's high not crossing 8.7c...A cold day !
Rain will persist for another day on Saturday. The Western Disturbance moves away from Sunday.

Days will be getting hotter by 2/3c in North West Indian plains and North India plains from Monday.
Interior Maharashtra sees hotter days from Monday, rising by around 2/3c from current levels. Few places in Vidharbh crossing 40c.

Maharashtra Reservoir and Dam Levels will be put up tomorrow (Saturday)



Its opposite of your forecast in Kolkata it rained there currently.sir what is your forecast for mumbai n Kolkata

Rajesh said...

Khyati: As mentioned in my forecast,there was light rain in "the vicinity"...and some areas of the city only had mild rain..1 mm at Alipur...not exactly "opposite of my forecast".

Zohair said...

sir this increasing in temperature is due to high pressure/ridge forming at 500hpa?


What's your forcast for Mumbai. As its too hot today

Unknown said...

Update from Bangalore:
This summer already 15 days temperature has touched 34 and above. Of which 4 days at ~ 35 and today at 36. Never seen this kind of exterme heat so early.

Karan Kumbhar said...

Sir What about Pune ?
No substantial rain recieved and summer has started early this year!
Any respite expected ?


Sir will there be any respite from heat for Mumbai too

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