Wednesday, March 16, 2016

T20 Cricket World Cup Forecast for Thursday and Friday Matches...

Thursday...Sri Lanka v/s Afghanistan at Kolkata....The day will be very hot at 36c, but match conditions at 7.30 pm will be better..Slight clouding but no rain threat.

Friday...Australia v/s New Zealand at Dharamsala...With showers expected in the day, rain could reduce the playing hours. Rain around 5-10 mms expected in the day.

South Africa v/s England at Mumbai....Mumbai will be partly cloudy and Humid...No rain. Day's high at 34c. But for the 7.30 pm match, the temperatures will be around 28c by evening.

Posted Wednesday Night:

M-3 will precipitate rains in the Northern plains of India and Pakistan. The region under effect will be Pak Punjab, Indian Punjab, Kashmir, HP and Uttarakhand. Snow likely on the hills. Snow likely in Kashmir and HP hills.
Srinagar will get frequent rains on Thursday, around 30 mms.
Islamabad had showers on Wednesday, with 20 mms in the day...will get thunder showers next 2 days, with cool days around 17c.

Bangalore AP received a whopping 75 mms rain on Tuesday, with gusty winds.
Thursday will be cloudy with light rains or drizzles in some parts, and rainfall reducing from Friday and getting warmer.

Cloudy weather with light rains likely in Abu Dhabi next 2 days. Muscat will also be cloudy with moderate rainfall next 2 days.

Mumbai Water Position not so comfortable... was better last year on date.
15th March 2015, the lakes (Combined) were about 41% 5.99 Lmltrs.
This year on date, Mumbai has 4.99 Lmltrs, or the combined Lakes are about 34 % full..That's less than last year.

Mumbai has a 20% effective water cut in force. The daily supply is 3275 MlLtrs pre day. Considering 25% as pilferage, wastage etc, Mumbai has 114 days supply remaining. That is, water will last till 14th July. Provided not a single drop is added to the lakes till then, and with the effective water cut.

Outer townships like Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Uran, Thane, Kalyan all have water cuts in effect.

Trying to get the levels of Dam levels for outer township. All Maharashtra and outer townships available Levels of Dams will be put up on 19th March.

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