Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outlook for the coming Weekend, Friday,18th, Saturday19th and Sunday 20th April;

Friday: A-4 will be precipitating in the Northern Pakistan areas of Punjab and Upper Sindh and parts of South Sindh. Many Central Sindh cities like Nawabshah, Sukkur and Hyderabad are likely to get rains. 

In India also, the WD will precipitate in Kashmir, HP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and some severe storms in Rajasthan and North MP.
The higher reaches of the Hill states are likely to get snow. Heavier showers in Western Nepal.
That means, continuing below normal day temperatures in the North.
A trough, and a semi formed LWD will get thunder showers to Southern Maharashtra and interior Karnataka. 
Belgaum can get the evening thunder shower.

Bangalore too can possibly get the long waited thunder shower on Friday.

A-4 moves east, and keeps the Sindh dry. Sporadic showers continue in Pak Punjab.
Northern India get another day of rains, which decrease by Saturday night. Rains in Punjab, Haryana and Northern Rajasthan plains will continue for another day.
Raipur can get another Thunder shower on Saturday/Sunday.
A-4 weakens and withdraws from the region. Rains almost cease in the North, bringing out the sun and heat from Monday.

Southwards, Thunder showers will lash Southern Maharashtra and Marathwada. The "line " of Thunde cells developing will be Southwards from Southern Maharashtra into adjoining N.I. Karataka, which too will get thunder showers. But rains decrease in S.I..Karnataka.

As the WD disintegrates , Kathmandu can get light showers on Saturday. Otherwise we see the days pleasant around 30c, heating up suddenly from Sunday.

But its Maharshtra special for Sunday,with the entire state barring Konkan poised to get thunder showers.Thunder showers cooling Nagpur and Aurangabad on Sunday.

City Forecast for next 3 days:
Mumbai will be partly cloudy, and getting cloudy and night.With the day temperature around 32c, expect the nights to get more warmer (26c) and humid (stuffy).
Parts of city can expect light drizzles on Sunday evening. Monday too will be cloudy with light rains in some parts.

Pune, will have to bear the heating as it increases from Friday to Saturday. Days could go to 39/40c.
Only to be possibly rewarded with a "good" thunderstorm on Sunday.

Bangalore, with the chance of a thunder shower in the vicinity on Friday, will be hot at 35c on Saturday and Sunday with no rain. 

Delhi NCR: Depending on A-4 on Friday and Saturday for the temperatures to remain around 33/34c, with clouds and light to moderate rains in many parts on Friday and Saturday.
But as mentioned, A-4 moves away on Sunday, which will become sunny and warmer.

Kolkata will remain dry and hot, as the rains in the west will not be effecting or reaching Bengal, blocked by a ridge. Hence, the heating will continue, and with sunny days, may take Kolkata beyond the 40c mark this weekend.

Raipur will possibly see more thunder showers this weekend, especially on Saturday/Sunday.

Islamabad will be cloudy, with intermittent rain during Friday and Saturday. Day will be pleasant at 23/24c, rising on Sunday to cross 30c as clouds disappear.

Karachi will be partly cloudy on Friday and Saturday, around 34/35c. Sunday will be sunny and hot at 36c.

Sibbi, Turbat or Dadu could possibly heat up to 42c on Sunday.


Hrishikesh said...

hopefully mumbai western suburbs will get light rains on sunday evening and monday

Rajesh K said...

Bangalore : electronic city sky getting dark clouds... May rain as day progresses..

Rajesh K said...

Short spell of rain in electronic city,Bangalore

Hrishikesh said...

Sir u have written entire maharashtra to get thundershower on sunday can mumbai too get those?

Sunny Arora said...

I was expecting heavy rains in Chandigarh but a big let down we had strong easterlies blowing thru out the day, still hopeful for some thunder showers tonight.Delhi fared better in terms of precipitation

Rajesh K said...

Light rain throughout Bangalore,as expected :)

Rajesh said...

Hrishikesh: Entire Maharshtra BARRING Konkan...thats what i mentioned...and for Mumbai i have mentioned separately.
Rajesh Kumar: yes, was expecting rains in Blore on Friday

Hrishikesh said...

Mumbai currently partly cloudy pleasant at 29C moderate winds from west

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