Sunday, April 13, 2014

1. A-3 should move into Northern Pakistan (Northern Sindh and Pak Punjab) by 16th April. A-3 in North India by 17th April.
2. Rainfall along East coast decreasing from 14th. Moving towards Bengal...Moving towards Kolkata , where Thunder shower possible on 15th/16th.
3. Rains increases in kerala next few days.Shower for Bangalore on 14th/15th April.

Madhya Maharastra was cool on Sunday morning...Ahmadnagar was 15.2c (6c below) ,  Pune saw a low of 14.7c (5c below), while Mahableshwar was 19.2c.


Neeraj said...

Hazy day at Kathmandu keeping temp low : today , monday, temp is 9 C and 24.6 C; not bad for middle of April.

Rajesh Kumar said...

South Karnataka and Kerala have got good rain it seems... Somehow Bangalore just missed it..hoping for tomorrow...

Both Maps from The Weather Channel..