Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Additional Part of MW-3 will be put up with Monsoon arrival estimates Today , Friday, late night IST

Heat Wave continues on Thursday and Friday in Sindh, Rajasthan, UP, MP , Vidharbh, Odisha and Northern AP.
Hot conditions abate, with a drop in day temperatures from Saturday in the above regions. Temperatures could fall by 2/3c in the daytime.

Thursday, 1st May:

May begins in Northern Pakistan and North India Hill States with the Western Disturbance, M-1. Precipitation expected in Northern Pakistan regions of Pak Punjab, Islamabad, Balochistan. Sukkur region can get the dust/Thunderstorm.

In India, precipitation expected in Kashmir and HP hills. Punjab can get the isolated thunder shower.
Thunder showers possible in Western Maharastra region, that is Pune, Satara, Sangli. Mahableshwar can get the afternoon thunder shower.  Southwards into adjoining Karnataka. Belgaum will get the afternoon thunder shower.
Heavy showers in Northern Coastal APand adjoining Odisha.

Friday 2nd May:

Rains likely in Extreme North Pakistan, covering Islamabad, Pak Punjab and Upper Sindh.
Rains likely in Northern India and Punjab and parts of Rajasthan.

A vertical LWD is visible in the form of Thunder showers from Northern Maharashtra (Nasik) thru Pune, Stara, Sangli and Marathwada regions into Interior Karnataka. Belgaum and Interior Karnataka will get the thunder showers.Thunder showers in Kerala will be heavy in some regions.
Rains or thunder showers in coastal Odisha and North coastal AP.

Satursday 3rd May:

Rains continue in places of Northern Pak Punjab and Indian states of Kashmir and HP. Plains on NW India too will get the dust/ Thunder storms . Punjab and Haryana and Western UP can get the dust storm or thunder storm.
Thunder storms will pop up in Western Maharashtra and Marathwada. Aurangabad may receive a thunder shower with squally winds.
Interior Karnataka will continue its rainy spell till on Saturday.

Thursday 1st May, Friday 2nd May and Saturday 3rd May: 

Next 3 days, Pune will see thundery developments from afternoon. Light rain in some areas. More rains likely on Friday night. Thunder showers in Mahableswar on friday/Saturday.

Eastern sky of Mumbai will see thunder clouds developing. Otherwise partly cloudy skies, with humid days.Friday evening, thunder clouds may bring light rains in the Eastern Outer townships of Kalyan, Badlapur, Panvel and Navi Mumbai. 
Lonavala and ghats region can get the showers .

New Delhi, getting very hot on Thursday and Friday, with the thermometer touching 44c. Thunder shower possible on Saturday.

After a hot and sultry Thursday, at long last, relief for Bangalore as thunder showers expected on Friday and Saturday.

Kolkata: Though may not cross 40c, hot days at 38/39c continues till friday. Friday some storms form in the vicnity. Saturday, the storm may target parts of Kolkata.


Rawat said...

New delhi(palam) already hot @44 today

Hrishikesh said...

Looks like the western suburbs of Mumbai will continue to stay hot and humid Mumbai hopefully through some miracle will get thundershowers

Hrishikesh said...

Sir MW-4 with expected arrival dates to be put up today?

Neeraj said...

Overnight thunderstorm , much cooler temperatures. Still raining and still quite thundery -Friday morning @ 7 am

Rajesh K said...

I think,people should put their place that readers can understand which place is being referred :)

Hrishikesh said...

Mumbai still hot and humid!!! with no rain

Unknown said...

Last week of May might bring required Thunder-showers/storm's to Mumbai.

Wasim said...

At last kolkata is having a thunderstorm .

Forecast for Mumbai/Pune: Similar weather expected for Mumbai and Pune for Wednesday 17th April.  Mumbai: Hot daytime weather in Mumbai cit...