Thursday, April 03, 2014

See Video and pic of Severe Hailstorm in Dhaka on 3rd ..T20 World Cup Match Stopped...See Link Here..Sent by Santosh Subramanian


The first WD of the month of April i.e. A-1 brought light to moderate rain in North India. Many places in the hilly regions got rain whereas few places in plains received light rain. The affected states were J&K, HP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi-NCR, West UP & extreme North Rajasthan. Jammu & Kashmir got the maximum from the WD as most places recorded moderate rainfall there.

Himachal Pradesh also got light to moderate rain from this western disturbance. Many places in upper reaches witnessed rain. Also light rain was recorded from few parts of Uttarakhand.

In the plains, light to moderate rain was recorded at a few places. Punjab, Haryana, Delhi-NCR, West UP got thundershowers Wednesday evening. One or two places also reported hail. 
North Delhi also reported hail wednesday evening. Hindon(NCR) recorded the highest rainfall of 6.3 mm in the region. Also the storm brought squally winds that eventually lowered the temperature by few notches.

Here's the precipitation from the system over various parts of the region...
JAMMU & KASHMIR       Banihal   29.30
JAMMU & KASHMIR       Batote   28.40
JAMMU & KASHMIR     Bhaderwah   13.40
JAMMU & KASHMIR      Gulmarg    6.80
JAMMU & KASHMIR      Jammu    4.10
JAMMU & KASHMIR        Katra    8.10
JAMMU & KASHMIR      Kukernag    8.70
JAMMU & KASHMIR      Kupwara   11.00
JAMMU & KASHMIR     Pahalgam   24.40
JAMMU & KASHMIR     Qazigund    4.20
JAMMU & KASHMIR      Srinagar    12.0
HIMACHAL PRADESH      Bilaspur    1.00
HIMACHAL PRADESH      Chamba    1.00
HIMACHAL PRADESH    Dharamsala    2.10
HIMACHAL PRADESH        Kalpa    15.80
HIMACHAL PRADESH      Keylong    3.00
HIMACHAL PRADESH        Kullu    3.80
HIMACHAL PRADESH       Manali    12.00
HIMACHAL PRADESH       Nahan    2.00
HIMACHAL PRADESH       Shimla    1.00
HIMACHAL PRADESH       Solan    15.00
UTTARAKHAND       Almora    1.00
UTTARAKHAND     Champawat    5.00
UTTARAKHAND     Dehradun    9.80
UTTARAKHAND     Haridwar    1.00
UTTARAKHAND    Joshimath    5.00
UTTARAKHAND    Mukteshwar    6.00
UTTARAKHAND      Mussorie   11.00
UTTARAKHAND     Nainital    7.00
UTTARAKHAND     Pantnagar    2.60
UTTARAKHAND    Pithoragarh    5.20
UTTARAKHAND       Tehri    8.30
UTTARAKHAND      Uttarkashi    6.00
PUNJAB      Amritsar    1.20
PUNJAB     Ferozpur    2.00
PUNJAB  Taran Taran    1.00
PUNJAB   Badi-Kaoran    2.00
PUNJAB       Salern    1.00
PUNJAB    Roopnagar    1.00
HARYANA      Israna    2.00
NEW DELHI    Safdarjung    0.20
NEW DELHI       Palam    Trace
NEW DELHI       Ridge    4.00
NEW DELHI       Ayanagar    1.20
RAJASTHAN    Ganganagar    1.00
UTTAR PRADESH      Bareilly    0.80
UTTAR PRADESH      Meerut    2.80
UTTAR PRADESH  Muzaffarnagar   14.00
UTTAR PRADESH      Pilibhit    6.00
UTTAR PRADESH      Badaun    1.00
UTTAR PRADESH      Hindon    6.30


santosh subramanian said...

Dhaka recorded - 60 mm of rains with winds upto 63km/h yesterday (3rd April 2014) ...
It was a torrential downpour , which led to the disruption of the T20WC 2014 semi-final between srilanka and west indies
Hailstorms pelted all over the stadium ..

The current scenario being that , with strong easterlies and unstable atmosphere over whole of east india ,threat looms large over the 2nd semi-final between India and Southafrica in T20WC , scheduled to commence on 7 pm IST .
Now , after this the finals are on the 6th of april , the theory of
weather with unstable atmosphere
and moisture laden winds blowing over bangaldesh from the bay of bengal throughout this week , we may see some disruption again on that given day ....

Arpit Sharma said...

Rainfall during the past 365 days...

New Delhi(S'jung): 1079.9 mm(+ 315.3)
Islamabad: 1590.5 mm(+ 690.5)
Karachi AP: 125.0 mm(- 48.9)
Lucknow: 907.3 mm(+ 44.3)
Dehradun: 3262.0 mm(+ 1104.1)
Srinagar: 797.6 mm(+ 61.4)
Amritsar: 1014.6 mm(+ 323.3)
Lahore: 812.0 mm(+ 186.4)
Multan: 180.6 mm(- 8.5)
Sargodha: 382.1 mm(+ 26.4)
Jhelum: 731.7 mm(- 105.7)
Patiala: 931.8 mm(+ 198)
Kolkata(Dumdum): 2145.8 mm(+ 440.8)
Jaipur: 787.0 mm(+ 258.9)
Jodhpur: 469.3 mm(+ 53.1)
Bhubaneshwar: 1929.4 mm(+ 344)
Nagpur: 1749.2 mm(+ 680.1)
Gorakhpur: 1824.7 mm(+ 568.6)
Ahmedabad: 1029.4 mm(+ 257.5)
Allahabad: 1502.9 mm(+ 536.5)
Surat: 1862.8 mm(+ 832.8)
Mumbai(S'cruz): 2511.0 mm(+ 333)
Auranagabad: 1022.6 mm(+ 264.7)
Ratnagiri: 3297.9 mm(+ 310.2)
Pune: 804.2 mm(+ 54.2)
Chennai: 1223.9 mm(- 152.6)
Goa: 2959.8 mm(+ 72.4)
Bangalore: 1190.3 mm(+ 211.5)
Hyderabad: 1039.0 mm(+ 238.6)
Mangalore: 3905.8 mm(+ 348.3)
Tiruchirapalli: 653.7 mm(- 184.7)
Kochi: 3269.3 mm(+ 620.5)
Port Blair: 3372.5 mm(+ 627.5)
Belgaum: 988.8 mm(+ 77.9)

Raj Katalkar said...

Unexpected Rains in parts of Ratnagiri district. No One has forcasted about it.

sset said...

Again miss of rain for drought hit SE India. Circulation over Bay seems to have vanished? SE India Rayalseema consistently above 40deg (41-43) for past 2 months.

Hrishikesh said...

Any forecast for the weekend?


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