Monday, December 19, 2011

Cold is holding its grip over the Northern region of the sub-continent.
The lowest in the Indian region was Adampur (Punjab) which saw a low of -0.4c on Monday, with Hissar in Haryana at 0c on Monday. Amritsar with 1c was another place with extremely low night temperature.
The days were cold in U.P. and adjoining regions on Monday. Varanasi at 14c in the day being 11c below normal, Allahabad having a high of 15c, which was 10c below normal. All places in the region were around 7-10c below normal in the day.

The persisting cold wave is attributed to the high pressure area (upper air) sitting over the area. With the NW winds starting after the W.D. passes, say by the 21st, we can expect the days in the North to become normal, and cold winds would sweep the NW and central regions.

Meanwhile the W.D, mentioned in Sunday's blog, is moving into the Kashmir region. Would expect Srinagar to receive its first snow on Tuesday.
Snowfall, heavy on the higher portions, is expected on the Jammu-Srinagar highway on Tuesday. Travelers are expected to be prepared for closures in parts.

Delhi will be partly cloudy next 2 days, with the night temperature going up marginally to 7c; with the days will be around 20c.

Mumbai: Tuesday and Wednesday: Partly cloudy with high cirrus clouds. Max in the day will be around 32c, and night temperature should be 18/19c.

Pune: Tuesday and Wednesday: Partly cloudy with thick cirrus clouds (high). Day will be around 31c and night will be 12c.

Surat will be clear, with the day /Night range between 31c and 19c. Expecting cooling after the 24th.

An Easterly wave (mentioned in Sunday's Blog) will bring some rains to the South T.N coast on Tuesday and Wednesday. As mentioned earlier, a pulse from the typhoon Washi hold on to a chance of a system coming towards the East coast around the 25th.


Saurabh said...

There are places in North UP under a near persistent fog cover for many days now. Some towns recorded day time highs of 11 Celsius yesterday. That coupled with no sunlight makes it feel colder. Here is the link to the satellite image from today For some reason the real dense fog has still not moved further west into the Delhi region so far.
This is phenomena on the rise but very little is understood of it. The most detailed article on this i have read is from 2003. Here is the link

Saurabh said...

Here is the satellite image link again as it got truncated

The link to article is

Saurabh said...

Still does not work. You can ignore the second comment.
In my original comment the link is actually complete but is not visible.

If you highlight the first part of the URL using the mouse and then hit "Shift" and "Enter" keys together the part of the URL which is not visible also gets selected and then you can see the image and the article.
Maybe there is a better way.

Rajesh said...

Saurabh: Very interesting article. Fog phenomena is common to last for 15 days, and has lasted for 25 days in the past.A high pressure stable in the region can cause this to persist. Last season fog brought the day down to 9c at Amritsar.

  October 5th.. Dussehra wishes to all Vagaries Readers  It now seems we may have to neglect the weak BB 14 and concentrate on this new Low....