Thursday, December 22, 2011

Parts of Sindh in Pakistan are reeling under a severe cold wave. 
As per the Pakistan Met site, Nokkundi in the Sindh recorded a minimum of -5.3c ! The confusion is that some other international sites show Nokkundi minimum as 0c on the same morning (Thursday).Yet to verify the correct temperature.
And Sibbi was -1c on Thursday morning. 
Karachi dipped to 7c. We had expected the port city to drop to 9c (between 22nd and 26th, as per map put up yesterday). Expected to maintain trend of 8/9c till 25th. 

Kathmandu was forecasted to drop to 2c, and the reading today morning was 1.5c.

In India. Bhatinda was the lowest in the plains at 1.2c. In the hills, Leh was at a seasonal low of -16c on Thursday.
Cold conditions are expected to spread Eastwards into India, The NW regions initially, from Friday. And the NW winds (as per our yesterday's map) will gain from Friday.

Mumbai too, is expeceted to follow the trend. Our estimate of 16c in the 22-26 period is very much on target.
Pune is heading towards 9c.
Nagpur was very low at 9c on Thursday. Likely to maintain the 8/9 level for the next 3/4 days.

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