Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reviewed at IST, "Thane" is about 100 kms East of Puducherry. Notching up slightly, Pressure at 986 mb, the surface winds are 125 kmph, both parameters strengthening in the last 2 hrs.

Tracking slightly Northwards, 12.3N now), at about 10 kms per hour (currently), it can be assumed to cross the coast South of Chennai by early Friday Morning.

Chennai is facing gusty winds (NE) since 8.30 pm, and gusts have topped 56 kmph.
Cuddalore is experiencing moderate to heavy rains, and is a cool 23c at 9 pm. Wind s are at 30-35 kmph, with gust possibly of 60 kmph.


Currently at 8.00 pm IST, "Thane "is 110 kms East of Puducherry, and has commenced its weakening phase. It is now 989 mb and surface maximum winds have dropped to 110 kmph. This weakening was expected from tonite (See previous post).
Rainfall in Chennai ( as per Kea Station) till 8.30 pm 24 mms.

Next Update at 10.0 pm IST.

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