Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Latest on Tuesday afternoon shows the cyclone "Thane" taking a slight NW curve.We notice a ridge line having formed to the North, and Vagaries expects the ridge to deepen, enabling the cyclone to take a more Westwards curve.

At 12.4N AND 86.5E, the centre lies 700 kms ESE of Chennai.Surface wind speed is 40 knts, 75 kmh, and core pressure at 992 mb.Almost constant.Lately, convection has increased, and cloud top temperature (lowest) is -77c.

Mumbai S'Cruz registered a low of 11.4c on Tuesday morning.Nasik was 5.4c and Pune saw 7.6c.
Lowest in the plains of India was -1.6c at Amritsar.

Next update tonite @ 10 pm.


Anonymous said...

What about the TRACK?

Rajesh said...

anonymous:Last track shown in vagaries is valid till change is shown...i do not show track till there is a change..refer back..and see the maps

Anonymous said...

Thank you for spending your valuable time to reply me.

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