Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sub- Continent South of Himalayas still Warm

As we hear and read of severe cold waves and snow over Europe and the North-Eastern U.S. we see a larger part Central, Northern and Western regions of the Indian Sub-Continent yet to feel the real nip of Winter ( Barring the Northern regions states of the Himalayan region).

In the Northern most Hilly region, the presence of a W.D. (low-pressure system) and associated cloud cover have retained the temperatures below normal over Kashmir and H.P.
Kargil was -6c during the day and -14c as the minimum.

In the remainins areas south of the Himalayas,the days and nights are still high (IMD maps), and slightly above the normal marks , and the western coastal areas are almost in a heat wave !!

Here is the link to todays (22nd.) highs and lows in major cities of India (IMD).

Mumbai was unusually warm and uncomfortable (for this time ) with a high of 34c on 21st Dec.and the low at 23c.
The highest in Asia yesterday was 35c at Makkah.

I think for Mumbai, things might ease off a bit, with temperatures going below 30c in the day and 18c at night only after Friday.

This is totally attributed to the easterlies blowing along the west coast of India, and preventing the cooler Himalayan Hills Northerlies from creeping Southwards.

Also, the clear skies caused maximum temperatures to stay above normal over Gujarat, the west coast and parts of Maharashtra.

Minimum temperatures too were above normal over Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, peninsular India and Rajasthan.

Latest satellite images continued to present clear skies over most parts of peninsular India, indicating an anti-cyclonic circulation with high pressure, thus ruling out any clouding.


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