Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cold Snap in the Northern Hemisphere:

With a cold snap on both sides of the Atlantic, some very interesting lows have been recorded. Interesting and very low temperatures were seen today (Sunday, 20th.).

Lowest in the world: Verhojansk (Russia): -48c
Tosontsengel(Mongolia) : -39c

Lowest in N.America: Artic Village (Alaska) : -38c
Spence Bay : -38c

Lowest in Europe: Jungfraujoch : -29c
Moscow: -18c

Lowest in U.K. Topcliff (Yorkshire) : -13c

Lowest in India; Darbuk (Ladakh): -28c
 Leh -16c
 Keylong (H.P.) -11c

Map of the European lows today

Extreme snow depth in N.American Continent


Refer Mark's Blog for latest on the U.K.cold.

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