Monday, December 07, 2009

No Winter for the plains of India yet.

Winter is yet to cast its grip over the sub continent plains this year . With nights actually near the normal, or even the above normal mark, the required normal coolness is yet to appear in almost all the regions south of the Himalayas. IMD's anomoly map shows the entire region in "normal" colours, with the central regions going upto 4c above normal. In fact, most of the northern plains are in the 10-15c range. (map).

The lowest in the plains is 5c, at Amritsar.

In H.P. the lowest was -9c at Keylong. Srinagar was -2c today, and with recent temperatures in Leh at -13c, the Himalayan regions are having their normal share of biting frigid cold.

Now, this "above normal" trend has been persisting since last week. This variation map (below)  of the prevoius week shows it all.

However, the arrival of a W.D. will reverse the situation. A system, expected by the 11th, will bring precipitation to the entire region, and at least help the rain starved areas of Punjab, Rajasthan and U.P. On its moving away eastwards, temperatures are expected to drop substantially in the northern plains, bringing in the real feel of winter.

The W.D, now building up near the Caspian Sea, is expected to "double up" and en-route bring rains to Dubai on Wednessday.

A short note of my views on "climate change" will be blogged on Wednessday.

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