Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Harsh(est) Winter/ December for U.S. and Europe:

Now, for Europe, lets have a look at this snow cover image.

Northern Europe, the normal snow region, is totally covered in snow, an aftermath of the recent cold snap. U.K. had a white Christmas this year, right out of the books ! London was blanketed by Christmas snow too !

Lows had hit -25 to -30c in Poland and the thermometer was below freezing throughout much of Europe in the 2nd. half of December. More than 90 people have died across Europe. Air, rail and road transport had been severely disrupted across northern Europe. Moscow was harsh at -26c !!

Scotland report from Mark on the 29th.says it all: " Braemar, Aberdeenshire is shivering as the high yesterday only warmed to a mere 14 degrees, the lowest yesterday morning was reported at Tyndrum with a low of 3 degrees, but it was worse this morning with the first sub zero low reported in the UK for the season at Braemar with a low bottoming out at -0.4 Fahrenheit or -18C which matches last year's coldest for the UK which was recorded at Aviemore."

Temperature Anomaly image from Nasa's Terra: Places where temperatures were up to 20 degrees Celsius below average are blue, locations where temperatures were average are cream-colored, and places where temperatures were above average are red.

The North American continent is snow bound, to a certain extent more than normal for this time of the year. Canada is fully snow bound, from shore to shore, and 60% of the USA is covered. Record snowfalls for December,and massive snowstorms that buried cities from Washington to Boston under as much as 2 feet of snow, creating travel chaos along the busy eastern corridor of the U.S. The storm gave Washington its snowiest December on record.

Could someone compile a list of all the record low, snowfall, rainfall, and record low maximum temps for 2009?

Well, it has come out, that there were 877 snow records for the U.S. in Dec 2009 !! Note that we saw the majority of records from the most recent snowstorm in places that are fairly far south of the major USA snow belt.

Not to forget the -46c at Edmonton,Canada. (Record low). There was also the 304 low temperature, and 403 lowest max temperature records (i.e. record cold) set Dec 6-14—what a travesty!

Lets switch over to Global Cooling-eh?
A December that was climate and not weather. ;-)
An excellent write-up of this cold in Jim's blog of  25th. Dec.

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