Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sub Continent Cold:

The severe cold has recorded very low temperatures on 21st./22nd. in India and Pakistan.

Some of the very low temperatures in Pakistan on 22nd.:
Kalam -17c, Muree and Quetta -8c, Abbotabad -5c, Faisalabad -1c, Islamabad and Nawabsaha -3c, Lahore -2c, Multan and Sibbi 0c and Karachi 6c.

For India:

Dras experienced the coldest night of the season so far after the minimum temperature dipped to -27°C on 22nd.
The maximum temperature was recorded at -13.5°C. Kargil recorded the coldest night with the minimum temperature dipping to -21.5°C, while the maximum was -10.5°C. Pahalgam was -10c and the maximum temperature there was -1.9c.
In Srinagar, minimum temperature dipped to -5.7°C, four degree below normal. On 22nd, it was the second coldest morning, the coldest night was on January 2 when the temperature dipped to -7.4°C, completely freezing major parts of the Dal.

On 22nd.,Delhi recorded a low of 2.6c, the mercury dipped to -5.2c in Adampur town near Jalandhar, making it the coldest place in north Indian plains. Adampur at - 5.2c on Tuesday morning broke a 36-year-old record of lowest temperature in the north Indian plains. Amritsar was at -2.4 c. Sahranpur in U.P., was coldest in the state at -3c.

According to Jim (Accuweather), the cold is due to the strong jet stream south of the Himalayas over the sub continent.

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