Thursday, January 03, 2008

Low night temperatures ! That has been the story for Pakistan and north India for the last few days (rather nights)! A few of the" below normal" lows recorded in Pakistan were: -13c Kalat,-9 Quetta, ,-3c Islamabad,-2c Lahore,-1 Nawwabshah and Faisalabad, 7c Karachi.

Across the border, it was -20c Leh, -9c Awantipur,-3 Adampur(Punjab),-2c Amritsar,-1c Churu, 1.9c Delhi and, ofcourse, 12.2c Mumbai (SantaCruz).

Just for information, the lowest in Asia yesterday was Ojmjakon (siberia) at -55c !

Now, according to Vinson of the Bussiness Line, the ridge causing the "dry" cold is being pushed by an approaching W.D.

This, and another W.D. behind, is likely to bring good amounts of rain, first to Pakistan, by the weekend. In fact, as per the "COLA", the full region from Dubai to Pakistan, especially Sindh region, will get damped by the system, during the weekend and early next week.

For India, it will be snow for Kashmir and the hills next week. Fair amounts of rain in Punjab,Haryana and north Rajasthan could be forecasted, as per the GFS, for next week.

As Jim informs, the system has already dumped snow over Tehran,where the day temperature was 2c.

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