Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Very cold and freezing temperatures. That is what the mid east has experianced in the last week. The system has poured freezing rain and even snow( Baghdad for the first time ever), and some places have even recieved their annual quota of precipitation. Jim has given some very interesting figures and the record lows of the region from his data bank ( Accuweather).

"The next W.D. will be there middle of next week", well, this estimate from my last blog is exactly on schedule.
The fairly strong W.D., arriving from the west, is today pouring rain over Dubai, 28mms till 8pm. local time, and all over the north Oman coast. At Muscat, it has started to rain at 8 pm. local time. The position of the system as on 11.30 pm IST today is shown in this image.
Some areas in Pakistan have also recieved rain today. Now, more rain and some heavy snow is expected over north Pakistan and north India from tomorrow. Due to this development, the temperatures have shown an upward trend, and are above normal by as much as 6c in some places.
The system, cutting across Saudi Arabia and through U.A.E., is now moving towards the sub continent due to the low aloft over the Iran/Pakistan and North India regions.

The forecast for the current week for India will be:
- Good snowfall in the upper and mid reaches of Kashmir, H.P., and Uttaranchal during 16/17/18th.
- Fairly good rains inPunjab, Haryana, and N.Rajasthan during 16/17th.
-Medium rains over Delhi, East U.P. and North M.P. on 17/18th.
-Cold conditions over all of the northern regions and Gujarat and N.Maharashtra from 19th.( cold in Mumbai at the weekend). From the 19th. the winds over the central and northern regions will be strong and northerly.
- cold wave conditions from 19th.
- south and rest of India will be dry. South will be dry due to the strong W.D. preventing any further sytem or wave from bringing rain to the region.


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