Monday, January 07, 2008

The first "feeble" W.D. has snowed off and broken of in the higher ranges of upper Kashmir region. The system has given a few spells of snow and rain in the northern most regions of India and central and north Pakistan. And the the temperatures have risen due to the cloudiness.
The second W.D. is now on its way.It being stronger, is expected to bring good rain and snow to Pakistan, almost the whole of it, from today. For India, as anticipated, the rains will start from Tuesday and will last for 2/3 days in the regions mentioned in my last write up. A cold wave will then follow in north, central and northern regions of the peninsula. Almost on schedule as per my last blog.

For the south, the easterly wave has broken up, and the ITCZ has now moved south, due to the cyclone in the Madagascar Sea.
This beautiful image shows it all ! the W.D., the "easterely wave" and the ITCZ with the cyclone embedded in it.

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