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Anna Mani - The Weather Woman of India

Anna Mani with international scientists in Tübingen, Germany in 1965Anna Mani with international scientists in Tübingen, Germany in 1965 - © dpa

International Women's Day is an occasion to remember and celebrate talented female scientists from across the world. Today we pay a small tribute to the most distinguished Indian female meteorologist - Miss Anna Modayil Mani.

Miss Mani was born on Aug. 23, 1918 in Kerala, studied and researched in Chennai, Bengaluru and London. She was a student of CV Raman and later served as the deputy director general of the Indian Meteorological Department.

Her contribution to ensuring self-reliance in measuring aspects of weather is considered her biggest achievement for independent India.

She focused on accuracy of Indian weather measurement instruments for solar radiation and wind strength hence laying a solid foundation for today's solar and wind power as alternative sources of energy.

Anna Mani has also led a team of scientists who developed the Indian ozonesonde, a balloon-borne instrument to measure ozone levels as early as in 1967. The collected data became a real treasure to identify the dangerous changes in the atmosphere.

Women's day IndiaHappy international Women's Day!

Being a woman scientist at has been a great challenge which Anna Mani overcame with ease and firmness. We salute all the Indian women scientists of yesteryears and look forward to see many more in the future. Happy International Women's Day!

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