Thursday, March 10, 2022

Outlook for 11th - 14th March

After rains  over many parts of the country in the past few days  now, most of India is going to see a lull in weather activity for about next four days or so.

March 10 - March 14, not much weather activity will be seen in terms of a W.D or any active Pre Monsoon system. 

Thursday Image

Due to the absence of any weather activity, the temperatures in North, Central & Peninsula are expected to rise. 

Weekend Outlook:

Mumbai, after hot 🌡️temperatures of + 37°c  last few days, will now see a marginal fall to 34/35°c.Real feel will be around 35°c.

Pune, after some light rain on Friday, the day will be will be around 37°c.Real feel also around 37°c.

Gujarat expected to heat up to 40+, this weekend. 

Bharuch, around 37c now can touch 40c.

Surat too can warm up to 38/39°c.

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