Friday, September 10, 2021

Mumbai forecast for Friday 10th  and weekend: 

Weak to moderate intensity offshore trough along the coast will result in passing showers, with sharp sunny intervals and may be a little windy at times. Around 10-30 mm/day average.

 Thane district and eastern townships may receive slightly more rain. 

No Alerts. 

Pune Weekend: Intermittent light rain with occasional moderate shower, pleasant weather.

Weekend: North & South Gujarat region likely to get good rainfall this weekend. 

Occasional showers in Surat, Valsad & Bharuch.Moderate occasionally raining in Ahmedabad & Vadodara

Forecast compilation assisted by Vag. Shreyas. 

See note in below post. 


sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thank You Sir for Mumbai forecast for Ganapati days.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rajesh for the updates on North Gujarat. This rain should help the farmers there who were seeking rain for the last 2 months.


Ahir r.h said...

Sir saurastra and kutchh ko is round me kaisa labh milega plz ans.

Rajesh said...

Ahir.. Saurashtra &Kutch will get rains from next week,Tuesday or Wednesday. Will update again

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thane district and eastern townships may receive slightly more rain.
This was forecast and exactly same is happening here in Mulund Mumbai eastern suburb.
Great precision sir.

Ahir r.h said...

Thanks sir

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