Sunday, August 08, 2021

Posted Sunday night 8th August:

Mumbai: The wait for the proper revival of the Mumbai Monsoon will continue as no major increase seen from 8th - 13th at least. 

Partly sunny and warm weather with few passing showers. No major prolonged spell. 

Water position comfortable till May 2022.

Pune: No major meaningful spell of rain next 5 days. In fact warmer days ahead. 

Marathwada: Very little rain with scattered rain. Warmer days. 

मराठवाडा: विखुरलेला खूप कमी पाऊस. गरम दिवस.


The BB 7 system finally  fizzles out.. Towards the Western Himalayan region. 

Overall break monsoon conditions are expected over the country. 

In break monsoon, the monsoon trough over north India shifts to Himalayan foothills. This will result in increase in rainfall over parts of Bihar, northern West Bengal, and entire eastern Himalayas and northeast India. 

Also, weakening of westerlies over south peninsula will result in wind convergence over parts of Tamil Nadu, resulting in propagation of an Easterly wave. This would bring rains to coastal TN. (Chennai) around 13th,14th.

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