Thursday, June 03, 2021

Posted 3rd June 3 pm IST. 

Monsoon still shy of touching The Indian Mainland.. Kerala.

The persisting UAC off the South Maharashtra/ Karnataka coast had precipitated pre monsoon showers on 2nd in Konkan ( Ratnagiri 21 mms, Mumbai 10 mms, Harnai 13 mms), and in Interior Maharashtra ( Mahableshwar 51 mms)Aurangabad 31 mms, Parbhani 10 mms.) 

But the rains in Kerala was less on 2nd.

Thus preventing the Monsoon from further advance into Kerala on 3rd( The Upper winds are NW). 
Kerala at 3pm IST on Thursday.. Clouding -in -waiting off shore

Further advance after Kerala into Karnataka not before 7th.

Proper Monsoon still not setting in Marathwada before 13th June. 

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