Thursday, June 10, 2021

 Outlook for Weekend 11th/12th/13th..(Posted 10th Afternoon)

Mumbai:  Friday 11th will get fairly regular intermittent rain showers, some heavy. Saturday12th and Sunday will see increase in rain frequency and intensity with frequent  heavy falls and increase in rains overall.

But we see below the vast variations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region in a day's rainfall...from 81 mms at Grant Road to 264 mms at Juhu. So, in short, we can expect an average rainfall (North to South ranging from 60-120 mms per day on 12th and 13th. Possibly, this spell will be more intense in southern and Central Mumbai.

No alarming situation as the rainfall on Saturday and Sunday will be almost half (per day) of the Wednesday's rain. 

Pune: Pune drizzles and light rains this weekend, with cool weather conditions. Later we see increase after Tuesday.

Vidharbh and Chatisgarh will get Heavy rains this weekend. Nagpur will get the Monsoon showers.

Gradual Monsoon advance into Gujarat:

Surat: Monsoon approaches into Surat gradually with normal rains. We see moderate rainfall in Surat ,7-15 mms per day for the weekend.

Bharuch will also get Monsoon advancing by weekend. Light to moderate rains there 5-10 mms per day this weekend.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Some rainfall figures of Raigad district ending at 8:30am on 10/06/2021:-






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Paresh said...

Thanks Rajesh for the regular (and accurate) updates.

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