Friday, June 11, 2021

Posted Friday 11th June afternoon:

The Upper air circulation (UAC) over North Bay of Bengali is now a low pressure area BB-4  over Northwestern Bay. May intensify till well marked low (WML) as it moves in a West-Northwest direction towards east MP.

Too near the coast to intensify further.

Under it's influence, increased rainfall expected over Vidarbha, Chattisgarh, Northern Telangana and also parts of Odisha and east MP. Monsoon advancing accordingly in these regions.

This will also result in strong westerlies being pulled from the Arabian Sea, increasing rainfall along West coast and Ghats. South Konkan, Goa and Karnataka coasts and adjoining Ghats to receive heavy rain over next 2/3 days from Saturday.

Hence increase in rains from Saturday 12th  in Mumbai.



Rajesh said...

Suresh: You can get the 3/6/12 hrs rain from the BMC site or from the BMC link on the RMC Mumbai page.

Abhizer: Will try..Started with Roha

Nimish Thaker said...

Thanks for the update Rajeshbhai. As mentioned by you in the previous update, hope the rains are not as bad as we had on Wednesday.

sset said...

Since arrival of SWM west coast -> coastal KAR and KER completely silent.
As of SWM only dominated by MAHA

sset said...

Mumbai exceeds its June monthly average.
Non stop torrential rains continue - tomorrow extreme rains as Bay + AS lows converge (as explained by Vagaries). Climate windy and very cold. Non stop sound of rain.

Will will the rains stop ?

sset said...

What a record
In Konkan region Mumbai stands heaviest with 600mm since June!
Entire coastal KAR and KER are in deficit zone not good hope this revives fast ?

sset said...

Flooding mumbai rains. Navi mumbai heaviest of spells. June itself will exceed 1000mm

Deepak said...

Sun is shining in Mira road right now

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