Sunday, June 20, 2021

Posted 20th Afternoon: 

Outlook 20th - 24th  June

With the Monsoon Axis running North again, subdued rainfall in the major parts of the Sub Continent.

Only Moderate rainfall along West Coast: Moderate rainfall in Chattisgarh and adjoining East M.P., Moderate to heavy in Odisha and parts of West Bengal. Moderate to heavy falls in NE States.

Rest of he region will get scanty rains.

But windy in the NW and western States and Interiors of Gujarat and Mah. strong West/South-Westerlies. (South of Axis).

Marathwada will get very scanty and sparse  rainfall . No meaningful rainfall, and getting hotter.

(मराठवाड्यात अत्यल्प आणि विरळ पाऊस पडेल. अर्थपूर्ण पाऊस पडत नाही, आणि अधिक गरम होतो.)

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sset said...

Great relief for MAHA Konkan Mumbai Navi Mumbai Thane - it has been raining torrentially since May ever since start of cyclone ! We need some warm sea. Navi Mumbai night times is very cold!

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