Saturday, June 26, 2021

Posted 26th June  Night

Delhi, Haryana,Punjab and West Rajasthan will have to wait for  the  Monsoon for another 5 days at least.

Outlook for 27th - 1st July...

Forecast for next 4 days, 27th, 28th ,29th and 30th June:

Maharastra :Light to moderate rain with thunder expected in Vidarbha regions of Maharashtra. Some places can get heavy thunderstorms. 

Nagpur Region :Heavy thunder showers on Sunday and Monday. 

Parts of Madhya Maharashtra around Nashik can also get Thundershowers. Some convective rain likely around Western Ghats and adjoining leeward regions.

Light to Medium rains in Marathwada. 

Aurangabad District:  Partly cloudy with medium showers ,around 4 - 10 mms per day in some areas. More rains  needed seeing this field picture  from location in Aurangabad District. ( from local farmer)

Gujarat State not expected to get any meaningful rains. Except South coastal Surat and Valsad ( which may  receive light to medium showers),other parts of Gujarat will get no meaningful  rainfall, 

East M.P can also get light to moderate Thundershowers during this period.

Delhi : Strong warm Westerly Winds  will keep Delhi hot ( >40c) and possible of a Cb clouds developing due to heat convection. 

Mumbai : Periods of sunny weather, warm, humid and a few showers. In between showers will be humid. 

No alert or major increase in rainfall. Temperature  ranging between 33 - 27c ( Stuffy). Real feel Temperature  will be 37c.

Pune: partly cloudy with sunny periods. Not much meaningful rains with days around #

31c. Real feel 37c. Nights  around 21c.

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sset said...

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