Monday, September 16, 2019

Posted Monday 16th September:

Anti Cyclone High at 850 hp establishing over West Rajasthan by 19th, and BB 11 steering N/NE from North M.P.

Low likely by 19th in North Bay.

Mumbai Santa Cruz has set a new Record for Monsoon Season Rains, after 65 years.:

The Current total rainfall for the Monsoon this year is 3462.8 mms, till 8.30 am 16th September, ...and counting.

The previous highest for Monsoon season was 3452 mms in 1954.
The Annual rainfall record is however at 3784.9 mms.

New September Record also coming:

The wettest September for Santa Cruz station is 920  mms of 1954. 
Currently till 16th Sept 8.30 am..909 mms....

Mumbai: Monday and Tuesday will get occasional heavy showers in parts of city. Wednesday a thunder shower in some parts by evening. Monsoon is here to stay till this month end at least.
Pune : To be ready for soome increase from Wednesday. 
Good rains in Rayalseema;
Massive rains in Kurnool - Kadapa belt. Pennar should see some flow and Somasilla should see increase in inflow.
in mm

Gospadu, Kurnool - 290
Deebaguntla, Kurnool - 199
Mahanandi, Kurnool - 163
MPP Elementry School, Kurnool - 160
Ururi Chintala, Anantapur - 158
Dhodium, Kadapa - 151
Nandyal, Kurnool - 126
Panchayat Office, Kurnool - 123
Gundlakunta, Kadapa - 119
Chagalamarri, Kurnool - 114
Old Bustand Complex, Kurnool - 112
Talamanchi Patnam, Kadapa - 110
MPP School, Kurnool - 110
Raju Palem, Kadapa - 108
YPPM College, Kurnool - 104
Market Yard, Kurnool - 104
Mangapatnam, Kadapa - 103
Nandyala Agro, Kurnool - 103
Alla Gadda, Kurnool - 101
Z.P Boys High School, Kurnool - 101
Muthyalapadu, Kurnool - 100
Water Tank, Kurnool - 100
MPDO Office, Kurnool - 97
Gandlur, Kadapa - 100

Kalukogta, Kurnool - 100

From PJ.


Saurabh said...

Hi Rajesh
The winds refuse to turn westerly over northern plains.
Please see the GFS forecast from IMD site for 26th September.
Here is the link
No withdrawal in sight. This is not the same as meaningful rain over north west india but no withdrawal at the same time.

sset said...

Thanks - It is so emotional to see some mercy rains over drought hit Rayalseema - rains after 4 years of drought. My place Anantapur has to still receive rains...with so many years of drought people have left agriculture and left places. At-least it has to rain for 4-5 months to fill drought voidness. SWM has to end for NEM to start.

GFS say low over AS - MAHA/GUJ - Crazy stuff....

Just like AI algorithms are evolving with new intelligence, our geography text-books needs to be revised-> World wettest places - Maharashtra and India driest places - Rayalseema + Many parts of TN.

My GOD Navi Mumbai heavy rains (vagaries on spot)

 20th June  Maharashtra ghats giants wakes up! Some rainfall readings since 9am till 10pm (13 hrs) today in mm below: #Kitwade: 208 #Patgaon...