Monday, September 02, 2019

Great spells of monsoon in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra this August.

 In Kerala, Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode disitrict had great spell too with 1500 mm in last 5 days.

07.08.2019 - 218
08.08.2019 - 320
09.08.2019 - 347
10.08.2019 - 374
11.08.2019 - 206


Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,it has rained more than 100mm in Fort,in past 24 hours..much more rains in Nagothane..overnight..

Rajesh said...

Abizer: Till 8.30 pm, Colaba had 4mms. Scruz 17 mms and fort 8 mms. less rain on Monday in day. All the rains picking up after mid night Monday into Tuesday,
till Tuesday morning at night: CSMT 105 mms, Byculla 112 mms, Matunga 131 mms, Chembur 158 mms, Worli 132 mmsSion 121 mms,

sset said...
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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir it rained very heavy around 4.30pm on Monday evening For 2 hours at Mulund mumbai eastern suburb.Rain continued thereafter at lesser intensity through out night and even day (Tuesday)

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