Saturday, April 27, 2019

Posted Saturday 27th April Evening:
BB 2 is Now a Cyclone ..."Fani"
Location:5.4/88.5 Winds Estimate: 60-70 gusting to 80 
Status: Cyclonic Storm

Posted Saturday 27th  Noon:

BB-2 is now a Deep depression at 5N and 88E. Estimated core winds speed at 50-60 kmph. On Track as yet ! Next Update as Cyclone "Fani" ?

Hot weather in Central India:

The first 11 hottest places in the world on 26th were from Central India (Barring N0.7 and No. 9)
1 Khargone (India) 46.6°C
2 Akola (India)           46.4°C
3 Bramhapuri (India) 45.8°C
4 Parbhani (India) 45.7°C
5 Wardha (India)         45.7°C
6 Chandrapur (India) 45.6°C
7 Kaolack (Senegal) 45.5°C
8 Amraoti (India)         45.4°C
9 Matam (Senegal)         45.2°C
10 Nagpur Sonegaon (India) 45.2°C
11 Khandwa (India)         45.1°C

The minimum temperatures on Saturday Morning:
Barmer 30.8c,  Chandrapur 30.6c,  Aurangabad &  Yeotmal (MAH) 30.4c,  Nasik 28.6c and Pune 25.9c...Mahableshwar23.5c>(Mostly hottest April Temp), 


sset said...

How does WDs acts as an inverse relation to cyclone arrival over SE India - means lows moves away to NE India? This has happened multiple times.

sset said...

Cyclone Fani - Cyclone Lorna ?

sset said...

If all low pressures forming over south bay enter SE India - then SE India will never face droughts. Low pressures forming over north bay can enter central/NE India.

But what is happening:
pre-SWM lows - NE India
SWM lows - central India/ NE India
pre-NEM lows - central India/ NE India
NEM lows - NE India

SE India droughts are becoming easy target!

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