Saturday, April 27, 2019

Posted Saturday 27th April Evening:
BB 2 is Now a Cyclone ..."Fani"
Location:5.4/88.5 Winds Estimate: 60-70 gusting to 80 
Status: Cyclonic Storm

Posted Saturday 27th  Noon:

BB-2 is now a Deep depression at 5N and 88E. Estimated core winds speed at 50-60 kmph. On Track as yet ! Next Update as Cyclone "Fani" ?

Hot weather in Central India:

The first 11 hottest places in the world on 26th were from Central India (Barring N0.7 and No. 9)
1 Khargone (India) 46.6°C
2 Akola (India)           46.4°C
3 Bramhapuri (India) 45.8°C
4 Parbhani (India) 45.7°C
5 Wardha (India)         45.7°C
6 Chandrapur (India) 45.6°C
7 Kaolack (Senegal) 45.5°C
8 Amraoti (India)         45.4°C
9 Matam (Senegal)         45.2°C
10 Nagpur Sonegaon (India) 45.2°C
11 Khandwa (India)         45.1°C

The minimum temperatures on Saturday Morning:
Barmer 30.8c,  Chandrapur 30.6c,  Aurangabad &  Yeotmal (MAH) 30.4c,  Nasik 28.6c and Pune 25.9c...Mahableshwar23.5c>(Mostly hottest April Temp), 


sset said...

How does WDs acts as an inverse relation to cyclone arrival over SE India - means lows moves away to NE India? This has happened multiple times.

sset said...

Cyclone Fani - Cyclone Lorna ?

sset said...

If all low pressures forming over south bay enter SE India - then SE India will never face droughts. Low pressures forming over north bay can enter central/NE India.

But what is happening:
pre-SWM lows - NE India
SWM lows - central India/ NE India
pre-NEM lows - central India/ NE India
NEM lows - NE India

SE India droughts are becoming easy target!

6th December  Cyclone Michaung nears the end of it's life cycle in Telangana.  It will go into  records for causing extremely very heavy...