Sunday, April 14, 2019

Posted Sunday 14th Afternoon:

Western disturbance A-1 is approaching the sub Continent. It has the distinct Upper Level Trough dropping down south into the Arabian Sea. As a result, we may get rains from the system in Rajasthan, Southern Gujarat and North Konkan and Interior Maharashtra on Monday/Tuesday.

Mumbai: Sunday will be warm and hot, with high humidity levels. 
Monday will see a partly cloudy morning with thundery developments in the East skies. Light rains likely in parts of Mumbai on Monday.
Warm and high humidity in the day will bring the Real  Feel Effect to around 37/38c.

Pune will get evening Thunder showers on Sunday and Monday. Will be accompanied with squall and hail.Days will be hot around 38/39c, but Night time temperatures will show a variation by dropping to around 18/19c.
Expecting rain and thunder showers in Marathwada (Aurangabad) and Madhya Maharashtra.
Mahableshwar: Thundershowers on Monday and Tuesday. During the showers, the mercury will drop to 17/18c.

Surat : Hot Sunday will be cooled by a thunder shower on Monday. Will bring down the temperatures during rains.

Karachi: As the system A-1 moves it will bring rains and thunder showers to Karachi on Monday. Some parts, locally will get medium heavy rains. Will bring down the day temperatures.
Expect rains in coastal Sindh and SE Sindh regions.

High temperatures over Sindh, Western India, NW India will ease for a few days next week.


shiekhz said...

Thank u Soo much sir for specific update load of thanks Boss ^_^

shiekhz said...

Will the rain continue to tuesday as well?

Rajesh said...

No.. Monday only

Rawat said...

Sir for Delhi?

Rajesh said...

Rawat: Delhi will get rains on Tuesday and Wednesday. more rainfall, around 20 mms in places, on Wednesday. Day will drop to 30/32c.

NilaY Wankawala said...
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