Thursday, March 01, 2018

Posted 1st March Night:

Officially the Summer Starts for Maharashtra and Mumbai (Peninsula Regions) from 1st March, yes, the season of hot days and humid nights.....But
We have seen a heat wave in the last few days of February, in fact, throughout the month of February, it has been above normal and warmer than usual in Mumbai and the Konkan region, including Coastal Gujarat.
But, as mentioned, the season changes from 1st March....and what's in store for Mumbai ? 
See below these February charts....

Now , there will be a fall in day and night temperatures from Friday. Weekend temperatures for Mumbai will be 2/3c lower and nights also lower by 2/3c....range should be 32/33-19/20c. 
North winds commence from Friday as M-1 moves in the North.
All the regions in Konkan and coastal Gujarat will see relief from Heat Wave.


And ...Cold Spell in Europe...


rajesh said...

Will put up the expected pre monsoon seasonal rains for Maharashtra soon...

Rajesh Kumar said...

Please include SIK too sir.

sset said...

Europe cold wave referred as 'Beast from East' - cold wave front from Siberia.
Apparently we all think Russia is snowiest place - but it is not - Highest snowfall ever recorded is in North US and Japan. Russia has less humidity and snow.

South Africa continues to be in drought - Zero day - no water!

Driest place on earth is Atacama desert in South America - it is just located near mighty Andes mountains. It rains only during El-nino conditions otherwise no rains. welcome El-nino!
At this time warm waters from Australia reach south american Peruvian coast rather than cold waters from Antarctica.

sset said...

I am great lover of huge trees and birds. Trees which live for 1000s of years and bring rains are close to me. Hats off to MAHARASHTRA government for largest number of trees!

Today I had been to "Flamingo Sanctuary" - "Coastal & Marine BioDiversity" Airoli Navi Mumbai- It is life time sight for me. Boat ride goes into dense Mangrove Forest all along coast and great pink huge FLAMINGO clusters.... I think sight cannot forgot in my life - what used to see in TV animal planet was reality in front my eyes. Beautiful forest was with lakhs of coconut,cashewnut,peepal,banyan,jamun,tamaring,mango trees! This is first FLAMINGO sanctuary!
Boat ride is just 300-400 Rs but sight of gorgeous environment is worth crores! Request everyone to visit!

Both Maps from The Weather Channel..