Thursday, March 15, 2018

Posted Thursday Night 15th:

1. BB-1 has started weakening, and earlier than expected, it is downgraded to A Well Marked Low.
Tracking NW and weakening fast.
System will fizzle out in the Arabian Sea 
Mumbai was overcast on Thursday, with the high below 30c as expected...28.0c at Colaba and 28.4c at Sruz. Thursday afternoon and evening saw light rains in parts of Mumbai.
Friday will be cloudy and skies in Mumbai clearing by afternoon.
Pune will be cloudy on Friday.

Interior Maharashtra will get no rains from system after Friday evening.

1 comment:

Rajesh Kumar said...

on 15.03 : Heavy rain was observed in S\SW bangalore.
It seems, again Bengaluru is on firing line.

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