Friday, March 23, 2018

23 Mar 2018(morning)..Westerly winds effect ..


→NORTH KONKAN coast was mild and breezy during the day
..Dahanu reported lowest max temp in the state @ 29.6 c 

..Mumbai reported wind gusts upto 40 kmph with max temp of 31 c (hum : 40%)

→WESTERN MAHARASHTRA was cool during the mornings
..Pune min temp @ 12 c 

→WESTERN GHATS were cold during the morning after a fine sunny day (30-32 c) , with reports of frost at Mahabaleshwar (Lingmala)
..Private AWS(unofficial) reported a chilly 3.3 c min temp at Mahabaleshwar today morning  .. Bopardi(lee area) reported a chilly 7.6 c ..Gaganbawda reported a cold 9 c .. Amboli reported a cold 10.6 c ..

๐Ÿ˜žTemperatures are expected to rise during next week throughout the state and the country heralding summer

Max / min temp in c (past 24 hrs ):
Delhi 31 /18  , Kolkata 35 /26 , Chennai AP 38 / 25 (humid)
Bengaluru 34 / 22 , Hyderabad 38 /21 

Kurnool 40 /26 , Manali 10 / 01 


Abhijit Modak said...

Badlapur(private reading) max temp 35.7c & min temp was 18.1c today.
Yesterday saw max of 34.8c & min was 18c !

Cooler night & comfortable day time is over now ! As from tomorrow temp set to rise due easterlies land breeze effect. Sunday & Monday may remain more hotter with heat wave like conditions.

Mumbai may see temp till 39c on Sun-Mon(depending upon sea breeze timing, 40c touch and go may be possible) .From Tuesday temp to reduce with early setting of West breeze.

Interior N.Konkan may get bake in heat wave on Sun-Mon period. Temp ranging from 41c to 43c may be possible from Thane to Karjat/Kasara belt . So better be hydrated

sset said...

Down south India....
Rayalseema - Tirupathi, Kurnool already exceeding 40c !

Many report suggest in few years need to evacuate Bangalore - no water! Time weather scientist,environment minister, IIT, IISc, ISRO come together to take corrective action for water conservation,tree plantation - can land support blowing population?

Narayanan Ky said...

We are hearing parts of Mumbai suburbs have hit 40 degrees today then cooling down later this week..

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